Profit Lever #4: Winning Yesterday’s Business Today


Be desperate and tell your past clients to “come back”


Make new offers (or even entirely new products) to offer to previous clients as a unique and new way to help them with their new goals after previously helping them.

Case Study:

Some of my clients have gotten only a Growth Plan or a short-term build inside their company. That’s all they needed at the time and they enjoyed their experience. Win-win.

I’ve since created a new offering to support clients for a longer term at an incredible price that is both productized but also provides a level of customization that clients can’t find anywhere else.

Input: A few emails to past clients (even works with old prospects)

Output: new business.


Time changes goals, strategies, and experiences. Clients you served in the past may have new problems you weren’t aware of and prospects you spoke to at a specific time weren’t in need then but now is a good time.

Adding the layer of a new offer to help them reach their goals makes speaking to you different and special since they last spoke to you.

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