Still Setting Revenue Goals?

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

When you set your revenue goal, who did you think of?

That frame of mind looks internally, inward, first.

It’s not bad, after all, revenue and profits drive business forward.

But let’s look beyond just internally.

If your business exists to serve your customers (and not just shareholders at the expense of your customers) then setting revenue-only business goals won’t serve you well because it’s more “me” focused rather than “you (customer)” focused.

It’s better to ask how many people do we want to influence and impact.

Yes, it’s still numerically based and yes this will still arrive at your revenue goal target, however, this line of thought presses for a deeper understanding of those you want to serve and how you help them.

For influence: Why should your customers/audience keep listening to you? How will listening to you help them? How will you stay relevant?

For impact: What is the impact I want to create in their lives and why does it matter for them? What changes?

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