How to Develop a Holistic Strategy For Your Social Media with Corrie Jones

Corrie is the founder of UNTAPPED, the London-based social media agency for ambitious brands. Since its launch in 2016, UNTAPPED has worked on content, strategy and advertising with clients around the world including Virgin Startup, NatWest, Kawasaki Engines and Omaze. 


Corrie has spoken at conferences such as General Assembly’s “Talk Data To Me” in London and SEMrush’s Global Marketing Day in New York. 


Off-stage and behind the scenes, Corrie has also managed live social media at a number of high-profile events, including with the BBC and the British Royal Family. 


In 2018, she was nominated ‘Female Entrepreneur of the Year’ by TMC.



  • Prospects into leads – 5:19
  • How she views a strategy when it comes to social media – 5:47
  • What works best for an audience – 6:40
  • Invest in customer service – 10:51
  • Solving your customer problems – 15:25
  • Measurement of the content – 16:43
  • Increase brand awareness – 20:14
  • How we use social media – 25:00


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