The 3-Step Framework to Ensure Your Clients Maximize Your Services (and Get Results)

When you deliver services to your clients, you want to make sure they deliver impact.

My best clients always look to provide more than they receive

(and I agree, it’s a law of life)

But sometimes clients don’t
• fully utilize what you deliver
• take your services seriously
• implement the strategy the way you would

Here’s how I solve for that with clients:

1 – Set the Foundation

Before you jump off the deep end, we have to productize every bit of the deliverable. That includes:
• Checklists
• Timelines
• Automation
• Onboarding
• Crafted client experiences

Even if the work you do is bespoke, you can still productize.

At the end of the day “bespoke” is just a bundle of hand selected productized services.

2 – Extend the Deliverables

Once you set your fulfillment to get the results clients need – you can identify where your clients fail to utilize your services to their max potential.

And if possible (you have bandwidth, resources and DESIRE)

provide additional services to bridge that gap by either
• Doing it for your clients
• Consulting them to implement

(This is a major reason why I offer implementation services after we do a Growth Strategy – because results are what matter)

3 – Scrutinize Client Selection

As you get to the place in business where you can say “no” to new business

I suggest you create criteria of the best clients you want to work with and ensure anyone who begins your onboarding process has:
• the right mindset of what it takes to work with you
• proper expectations of deliverables & timelines
• a big upside when working with you

and as a bonus, I like to add that they’re cool to work with, and that you’d enjoy the relationship (remember, it’s a journey!)

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