The Belief Problem

You don’t have a growth problem

or a client churn problem

or a team problem


most surface level problems are not the problem

If you’re like me, you have a belief problem

a *framing* problem.

Caused mostly by others

whose misguided beliefs influenced their actions

and in turn have given misguiding advice

which you believed.

Case Study 1:

there’s a group online right now that presumes your clients will leave in about 6 months

so the best thing you can do is plan for clients to leave and plan to replace them

because they think you have a churn problem.

Case Study 2:

one of my guys and pod guest runs a brand marketing company and doesn’t believe they have to replace their clients every 6 months or so

and in doing so, has kept clients for years (3-5+ years)

What problem shows up in your business because of your and your team’s beliefs?

What beliefs can you change in order to change course?

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