Forks & Dots

On the journey, we are either

assessing the situation

looking at multiple options

deciding which path to tread down

exploring possibilities

» connecting the dots.

Other times, we are at the intersection of

change and new.

We’ve made a decision

chosen a path

» taking the turn at the fork of the road.

Why does this matter?

Self awareness of where you’re at will empower you

to use the proper reasoning

talk to the right people

and to take the proper actions.

Because if you aren’t aware of where you’re at, you’ll make the wrong move.

Case study

I had a call with a founder who is at $300k/mo

Wants to grow (which is why we talked)

wants to make a decision

wants to choose the path

but they’re still in the process of selecting that path

They weren’t ready

Not you

Take a moment to self-assess:

In this season are you connecting the dots

or making a choice.

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