The Slow Burn of Growth

There are 2 components to achieving any result:

1 – Implementing the right things

2 – Implementing them quickly (now vs tomorrow)

A key issue I see in teams today

isn’t the lack of good ideas

isn’t the lack of talented people

it’s the slow burn of not implementing the right things quickly

Speed isn’t everything

you can implement the WRONG things quickly and fail faster

what matters is getting that feedback loop as soon as you can to increase your velocity

(even if that means doing less things to do the 80/20 things well)

Velocity of implementation is facilitated by the heartbeat of your team

that pulse is driven by how you:
• work
• communicate
• plan next actions
• take quality action daily (even if it’s 1 small thing per day)

This formula compounded over time, creates unshakable progress.

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