The Thinking Practice To Create Value

Why do people
• buy more expensive options?
• gravitate towards certain causes or people?
• change their way of looking at a problem or solution?

The answer:


The way you take & question the status quo

and propose a new way forward or

apply an existing solution to solve a new problem

is all led by your unique view on life

and your perspective in your area of expertise.

(Requirements: you must have expertise)

Thinking differently is a skillset

and one that can reward you handsomely and help you

• drive new conversations with clients and prospects on solving their problems
• reposition your offering in the marketplace
• develop your intellectual property

Case Study:

I had a client tell me:

“I reached out to you because of the way you answered ABC”


“I reached out because of your answer.”

The way you look at situations, problems, and solutions

can either drive or diminish your perceived value AND the value you can create.

Practicing thinking differently:
• Ask: what are we actually solving? Why is that important? Why is today’s solution failing? What solutions from other disciplines can we apply here?
• Study culture, philosophy, and psychology and draw analogous comparisons to your daily work
• Think about your own thinking through writing (ideally daily)

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