What is an Evergreen Flow?

We are approaching 1 year of the release of Productive Profits. It’s been a ride but to be honest, it’s more of a long, cold but fun, tough mudder run… (not your typical marathon).

It’s been amazing to see how the book has helped entrepreneurs and the applied methodologies within the book transform businesses.

To celebrate the upcoming anniversary, I’ll be writing about key concepts in the book so you can look at your business and apply these Sparks to your business.

An Evergreen Flow is a communication tool that captures your company’s essential actions and shows the key players in your company how to perform these actions correctly and effectively every time.

It condenses every step of your process into themes or pillars of action. This makes it easy to communicate to your team what to do but it also makes it easy to grasp what is being done.

They go in what I call a One Page S.O.P. (standard operating procedure) so your company has a set way of doing things. It’s one simple page to allow you to evolve it over time as you improve on how you perform your essential actions.

Now, you don’t have to document everything in your business. That is just as bad as not having anything documented.

In the book, we go into detail on how to create your One Page S.O.P. — but as you get started documenting successful activities in your business, keep in mind to only focus on the essential, core, actions that move your business forward.

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