What it means to reach new horizons & new baselines in your business.

We are approaching 1 year of the release of Productive Profits. It’s been a ride but to be honest, it’s more of a long, cold but fun, tough mudder run… (not your typical marathon).

It’s been amazing to see how the book has helped entrepreneurs and the applied methodologies within the book transform businesses.

To celebrate the upcoming anniversary, I’ll be writing about key concepts in the book so you can look at your business and apply these Sparks to your business.

In the book, I discuss reaching a horizon or creating a new baseline in your business.

This is about reaching new levels of success.

Your horizon is reaching the goal that once seemed far away yet you arrived there through consistent and strategic action. (We outline how to do this in the book).

Your new baseline is your new normal.

When you reach a new level of success, your new normal allows you to see and do things that you couldn’t in the past. It’s like seeing the ground after hiking up 2,000 feet up the mountain.

When you’re there, you have more time to focus on other areas of the business or new business ventures. Or you can simply focus on other activities and hobbies you enjoy.

What matters is not getting there, but how you get there.

Some work their entire lives without getting there even though they are financially secure.

Your journey matters. That’s why I wrote the book for you to create a sustainable path that will allow you to not only REACH your horizons but enjoy the ride.

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