What’s one thing you can do TODAY to immediately start scaling your agency?

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

I had the opportunity to be invited on the AgoraPulse Agency Growth chat on Twitter. I’d like to take their question and answer format to provide a more in depth explanation to the tweet size answers I gave (if you’re curious to see those, follow me on Twitter @rherochoa)

Here’s Q7

What’s one thing you can do TODAY to immediately start scaling your agency?

Overnight growth” happens with careful preparation and proper execution. There is no “immediate” button. However, we can discuss the THREE things to get going correctly.

The first is to design your company for scale using task units. I discuss this in more detail in these Medium Sparks:

The second is to ask your current clients for introductions to new potential clients. We go into more detail here:

The last is to document how you deliver client results so your team can replicate success on demand. I go into detail here:

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