What’s the first area business owners should create systems around?

We are approaching 1 year of the release of Productive Profits. It’s been a ride but to be honest, it’s more of a long, cold but fun, tough mudder run… (not your typical marathon).

It’s been amazing to see how the book has helped entrepreneurs and the applied methodologies within the book transform businesses.

To celebrate the upcoming anniversary, I’ll be writing about key concepts in the book so you can look at your business and apply these Sparks to your business.

As I wrote earlier, what trips businesses up is the invisible machine working behind the scenes of the business front.

The biggest hurdle founders face is delivering consistent and reliable results to their customers.

If you run a service-based business, I suggest we start with how you deliver your services.

Are you doing it in the most effective way possible?

How can you empower your team with better resources to deliver?

What dashboards can you set up to ensure results are at the level your customers expect (that’s called your brand promise.)

How can we make the client experience better?

If you sell your expertise in the form of information: how are you packaging your knowledge in a way that both scales your brain and also adds tremendous value to your customers?

This train of thought allows you to dive deep on maximizing customer satisfaction while at the same time keeping your (and your team’s) sanity, giving you the boost to grow with confidence.

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