Why Productive Profits?

We are approaching 1 year of the release of Productive Profits. It’s been a ride but, to be honest, it’s more of a long, cold but fun, tough mudder run… (not your typical marathon).

It’s been amazing to see how the book has helped entrepreneurs and the applied methodologies within the book transform businesses.

To celebrate the upcoming anniversary, I’ll be writing about key concepts in the book so you can look at your business and apply these Sparks to your business.

Today I’d like to discuss why I wrote the book in the first place (of course, after several nudges from my friend and mentor John Morgan).

I wrote the book because of what I’ve observed in businesses that have momentum, either month over month growth or reach a certain level of revenue.

There is an inflection point right before these businesses reach a new level of success.

That point however I’ve seen businesses crumble, go through chaos/stress or experience stagnating growth. But I’ve also seen others grow rapidly through this point.

I found that the difference between those that have fluid growth vs. those who struggle isn’t in the marketing, because you can sell a really good product any day.

What trips businesses up is the invisible machine working behind the scenes of the business front: your operations.

A key component of your operations is how you package and deliver your services and how you work with your team to be able to scale.

So in the book, I wanted to write about my method that has helped businesses grow past these inflection points successfully (there’s more than one inflection point depending on how far you want to grow your company)

Tomorrow we’ll discuss the first thing business owners should address to create a strong invisible machine.

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