Why Removing Bottlenecks From Your Business Won’t Solve Your Problems

Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

There’s an inherent misconception that if you simply “remove a bottleneck” from your business, you’ll solve the problem. (This imagery uses a bottle to describe a business process)

Well, let me ask you — where is a bottleneck on a bottle? At the top…

So if you remove that, what happens? You get an open bottle with half of it missing… it doesn’t solve your problem.

What you need is a new bottle.

Let me explain…

If you simply think that by eliminating one error or redundancy in any given process, you’ll get a different result is a fallacy.

You need to redesign the entire process from top to end. Thinking through every point of the process and ensuring a smooth workflow.

This is much more than just “removing a bottleneck”.

The process to this is simple:

1.Understand the problem

2.Create a plan and design to address the problem

3.Implement the solution

4.Get feedback on the implementation

This is how you redesign and create real lasting change.

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