Your Sales Playbook: Areas for Transformation

What do you do for clients?

I love Kevin Freidberg’s rule of stating what you do in 7 seconds or less.

You must be clear, crisp, and direct.

Because if you can’t say it in 7 seconds, how do you expect others to “get” what you do, let alone remember you?

If you need help getting to this point, I suggest you break down the core problems your ideal clients are struggling with/working to solve, and next to each, define what you do to solve it.

I call this your “core areas for transformation”, each problem being an opportunity for you to solve (if it fits within your service/product suite).

Doing this will:
1 – allow you to see a holistic picture of the problems your best clients need support with
2 – give you a birds-eye view of how you solve each problem
3 – help you summarize what you do in a short and punchy sentence

Knowing each core area of transformation will also be useful when you’re having sales conversations with your ideal prospects, as you can empathize with their problems and have your prospects feel heard and seen.

Plus, it gives you credibility and authority, having your ideal prospect feel like you have a solution for their problem.

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