Your Sales Playbook: Reaching Your Ideal Clients Where They’re At

Don’t make these 3 mistakes…

Creating opportunities is not difficult.

  1. You build a list of your ideal clients
  2. You qualify that list with the right targeting (and validation of contact information)
  3. You reach out to them

There are, however, some challenges that come with reaching out:

  • The barrier to entry is low (outreach tools are as cheap as $99/mo), meaning your ideal clients are getting spammed left and right
  • Your market is jaded with hype copy and offers (esp. with AI writing most messaging nowadays)
  • You must be different and bold in your approach while also being helpful (this isn’t a time to hide your unique point of view)

Here are the common mistakes I see founders make when doing outreach:

Mistake #1:

Writing messages to pitch the 3% of people who need your product NOW.

Yes, the volume game works, but why intentionally squander your opportunities by not also focusing on the market that may need your solution 3-6 months from now?

Case Study of what NOT to do:

A founder I know needs to use nearly a dozen different LinkedIn accounts to make their outreach work.


Because their first message is geared to people who want to buy now.

The prospect’s options: hard yes or hard no.

Does this book appointments?


Does this leave opportunity on the table?

Yes because there’s no middle ground. No exploratory session. No being a trusted advisor (bad positioning)

Mistake #2:

Pitching your service as a binary yes or no option vs. giving your prospects the power to explore their “possibilities” for their future.

Josh Braun talks about this a lot (I recommend you follow him).

Case Study of what to do:

A client and friend of mine uses this in his outreach to make a soft call to action:

“not sure if you need this right now, but does it make sense to connect to explore if there might be opportunities to collaborate in the future?”

Mistake #3:

Send multiple messages in a short time frame on the same channel.

Remember, there is a smart and intelligent human on the other side of your automated drip sequence.

Instead, focus on a multi-channel, multi-touch approach based on your ideal client’s behavior, with actual personalization and engagement on your part.

Does this take more time?


Will this increase your opportunities?


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