Your Sales Playbook: Sales Convo Checklist

Everyone sells in their own style.

Regardless of your style, each prospective ideal client needs to feel heard and go through the same story arc to buy from you.

So instead of giving you a script (which won’t help you anyway) or a list of questions to ask (which you can find for free online)…

I’d rather share with you the psychological principles and phases your sales conversations should go through in order to guide your ideal client to make a decision (either yes or no).

You’ll need to document your approach to complete your sales playbook.

Your goal is NOT to make a sale.

Re-read that again ^

Your goal is to guide the prospective ideal client to a decision.

Here’s your checklist in the form of a guide:

Phase 1: Channel their Desires

  • Have your ideal client imagine with you what changes for the better (personally, AKA emotionally and professionally, AKA practically)

Phase 2: Have Them Own Their Future

  • As you imagine what the future looks like with the solution, define 1) why is this important 2) and why this needs to happen now rather than later.
  • Future pace the solution as if it were already in place and have your prospective ideal client own the solution now – ask how they feel here.

Phase 3: Show Them How To Get Their Ideal Future

  • Ask if they want to know how to get their ideal future by working with you
  • Paint the picture and discuss what to expect when working with you
  • Discuss the investment to get their desired outcome
  • Have your objections ready to discuss together (know if you will modify the scope, payment terms or price (not suggested you adjust price)
  • If they are still fit, ask for the sale (in other words “close”)

These phases may happen in 1 or several conversations.

What matters is that you have a plan to approach every opportunity with a process that works for you, your company, your services, your team, your market, and with your style.

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