[1on1] Balanced Leadership

As leaders, we spend the bulk of our time processing information and thinking. This, in collaboration with others, drives our team’s actions. Focusing on the wrong information ultimately leads to increased costs and lower returns on effort and investment. Here’s how to ensure you’re executing the right actions.


  • 20% of your time is spent processing information and identifying if it’s useful, relevant and if you can use it now. – 1:00
  • As leaders, it’s important for us to balance how we are focusing our energy on the right information and making sure we are executing the right action. – 2:18
  • Setting up a 15-minute power meeting. – 3:41
  • Ask the question: What opportunities exist now? – 4:36
  • The most important task as a leader is to orchestrate action. – 6:37
  • When you build a powerhouse of a team, you’ll get used to it and you’ll be able to focus on bigger drivers of growth for your organization, for your company, for your team. – 8:10


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