A Different Kind of CEO: Solving Problems and Giving Back with Rob Buffington of Gordian Business Solutions

Raul Hernandez, speaks with Rob Buffington, CEO of Gordian Business Solutions, about his extensive experience in the HOA management industry and the strategies he uses to manage multiple businesses successfully. Rob encourages a practice of radical transparency within his companies, especially among top-level managers. He emphasizes the importance of understanding not just “what” to do but also “why” it should be done. This guideline empowers his employees to make independent decisions aligned with the companies’ visions and objectives.

Who’s The Guest? Rob Buffington is an experienced consultant in the HOA management space and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to management companies and mid-size businesses that struggle with vendor services, staffing, bookkeeping, and overall management issues. Rob doesn’t understand just one or two aspects of the industry. He has been an HOA manager previously and also had experience on the vendor side working with HOA’s. He currently owns and runs an accounting firm and a remote staffing company, both of which focus on servicing HOA management companies. He brings a well-rounded, unique, perspective on the industry.

His overall professional mission is twofold: Provide the best possible service and consulting to clients and make a positive difference in the world. Each of his companies are heavily involved in local charity work and are built on an employee profit sharing model, so everyone benefits from the success of their collective business ventures.

Episode Highlights

  • Best practices on how Rob effectively manages his seven companies
  • The importance of radical transparency and clear communication
  • Having both a long-term and short-term plan for clear alignment with the team, especially for new team members
  • The complexities of weighing individual contributions when profit sharing, especially as the company grows and diversifies
  • The value of asking the right questions to the right people to avoid ignorance costing business growth

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