Adapting Your Public Speaking to the Virtual Environment with Shil Shanghavi

Shil Shanghavi chose to pursue a career in public speaking. He has experienced challenges unique to a stutterer and because of these challenges, has learned to harness and use speaking nerves to his advantage, becoming a keynote speaker, MC, facilitator, and TEDx speaker coach. 


He has also introduced the concept of public speaking in virtual reality, which is unique to Perth, and rare to the world. He imagined through his speaking fears, it’s just one of the ground-breaking tools which he uses to show you how to become a better presenter.


Enjoy this interview!



  • Your presence online – 2:52
  • Being a human speaker – 8:29
  • Learning how to do public speaking – 9:40
  • Test your keynotes – 13:46
  • Planning your presentation – 14:54
  • Engaging with your audience – 15:56
  • Shifting your presentation to the online world – 16:07
  • A big project he is working on now – 16:40


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