Am I Worth My Pricing?

In my High Profit Agency Program, we were discussing pricing

and one agency owner openly shared with the group:

“Am I worth my price?”

Can you relate?

How we present ourselves is a reflection of how we see ourselves.

We either have to:

1 – improve our self image

2 – improve our belief in our product or services (or simply improve them to get better results for clients) (Note: don’t fall into the trap of perpetual product R&D and avoid sales)

or 3 – reframe the question

“am I worth my pricing?” is a misleading question because forces us to look inward rather than outward.

If we ponder too long on this, we focus only on ourselves

our feelings and emotions

instead of the prospect’s rational and emotional reasons to get rid of their problem.

Now, there is ballon pricing

and pricing that is within the realm of possibility.

Hint: you can price yourself out of a deal, but you’d have to have delusional pricing.

But if your pricing is sound and
• based on the needs of the client
• the milestones and work to be accomplished are agreed upon
• in alignment with their future value gained (where the client clearly sees the benefits)

Then, standing by your pricing is in every party’s best interest.

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