Balancing WFH & Family Time with Tara Nichol

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Tara believes that moms should have a balance between work and life.  A mom should never feel like they have to make a choice between their successful career and their loving family.


She helps moms achieve that balance by showing them how to better prioritize, when to say no, and why it is so important to always put their needs first.


She can do this because she is a certified life coach for working moms!



  • Working from home – 2:35
  • Helping entrepreneurs identify the priority to work on – 5:25
  • How much time allotted for the chores – 7:34
  • Schedule a time called “family time” – 11:06
  • Incorporating family time – 13:12
  • Asking a child an open-ended question – 13:59
  • Focusing on personal health – 15:47
  • Find things you like to do – 16:47
  • “The airplane mood” – 18:03
  • Playing games – 19:02
  • One thing that she highly recommend to do – 20:40


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