Breakthrough Human Potential: Achievement, Performance and Fulfillment with Purdeep Sangha, Business Strategist & Consultant

Raul Hernandez, speaks with Purdeep Sangha, a business strategy consultant and author. The conversation revolved around performance improvement and the untapped potential inherent in everyone. Purdeep distinguished his ultra-performance program, consisting of five key elements that aim to boost productivity while reducing work hours. He highlighted the necessity of scheduled activities and aligning daily actions towards yearly objectives.

Who’s The Guest? Purdeep Sangha is the world’s leader in Complete Strategic Advising. He is an award-winning author of “The Complete Man” and the TV show host of “Mind Your Own Business.” He’s also an entrepreneur, speaker and podcaster.

Episode Highlights

  • The two crucial elements for getting results
  • Importance of the strategy and performance elements in achieving goals
  • Two key things that matter the most in this digital age
  • Five elements of ULTRA Performance
  • Scheduling rest and recovery time intentionally and actively, not simply letting it happen passively
  • Fluctuations in daily performance and how internal factors significantly contribute to this
  • Connection between goal-setting and performance
  • Balancing short-term and long-term goals and how performance can be enhanced by speeding up execution without sacrificing sustainability

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