Building a Two-Sided Marketplace in Tech with Beau Billington

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Beau’s favorite characteristic of business is that there is always the need to solve complex problems through making mutually beneficial connections. He never intended to be a headhunter or recruiter. The talent industry just so happens to be where he saw a huge problem and the largest opportunity to utilize his skillset (networking) to fix it.


When he first started his business, he would shudder when someone called him a recruiter or headhunter. This was not because he was “above” the industry, but more so because there was so much negativity surrounding the industry and the typical candidate experience, it was an uncomfortable association.


Over the last several years it has continued to be apparent that there’s little innovation and forward thinking in the talent acquisition space. And so, he built his company, The Free Agent. He built the Free Agent precisely to overcome these gaps by enhancing the candidate and company experience and disrupt and rebuild an industry that is long overdue for an overhaul. They enhance the experience, specifically, by heavily vetting both the candidates and the positions in their network and their virtual exchange. Gone are the days of sifting through multiple candidates, and fake or already closed positions, as they take care of the heavy lifting on the front-end.



  • What he does at The Free Agent – 1:57
  • Sales and marketing – 3:23
  • Leveraging their networks – 4:40
  • Questions to use in our companies – 5:52
  • Common issues that happen in the industry – 6:44
  • Keeping motivated in the sales cycle – 11:16
  • Engaging and creating community – 14:50
  • The importance of engagement and networking – 21:31


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