Designing SucIn The New Economy

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

The information age is fading away…

They say we are in the experiential age now.

Here’s the real era we are in (and have been in):

The design age.

Where you get to design:

-who you work with

-how you work

-where you work

That bears some level of responsibility.

If you lead people, it’s a responsibility we can’t ignore.

You can design the experience for your teams, your vendors, your clients, and most important your day-to-day.

For our personal experience: it’s a matter of choice.

For other’s experience: it’s a matter of caring.

The leaders who will thrive tomorrow are the ones who care.

The ones who listen.

The ones who take action.

Creating impact is not complex math.

So how are you going to design moving forward?

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