The One Opportunity We Can’t Miss

Photo by Rachel Cook on Unsplash

“Wake up at 4, workout at 5”

“Finish the most important work before 9”

That might be ideal but has this happened to you:

You wake up 1 hour right before your 8 or even 9 o’clock meeting?

There’s no shame.

I had that happen to me more in these last few months than I’d like to admit.

We’re all human.

But we also all have a choice.

Not just for getting up but for anything we want to accomplish.

How are we going to do better tomorrow?

How can we prep to step up to the plate again the next day?

It’s the slow game.

The daily practice.

Having to go through another 24 hours to give it another shot.

That opportunity is a blessing.

But it’s up to us to try again.

And again.



And optimize, tweak and improve.

So take note today, write it down.

One thing you can do tomorrow — just one — to improve.

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