Does Your Business Run Without You? 3 Things to Look At

It’s pretty amazing to take a vacation and have a team take care of the day-to-day of the business.

This is a milestone for most entrepreneurs.

But is it a milestone for you?

That’s up to your design.

But regardless if you want to
• Build a solo shop
• Build an asset that grows without you

You must determine who or what executes the core habits for your business to run.

So far we’ve determined your

  1. oKPIs
  2. The habits that drive the performance of your oKPIs

Today we look at answering the WHO or WHAT question.

You have 3 options for every habit within your business:
1 – You do it
2 – Someone else does it
3 – A machine does it

Don’t get caught up in the HOW

For now, go through your oKPI Habits and determine WHO or WHAT will execute each.

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