How to Say It Once & Have Things Done Correctly The 1st Time

Has this happened to you?

You’re working on several projects with a team across the world (maybe in 12 timezones), and you have to quarterback execution to ensure you meet the deadline.

But, since your team is in multiple timezones, 1 error in communication costs you 2-3 days of a feedback/correction loop.

Multiply those small communication errors by the number of projects = stress & frustration.

Not sure if you have had that experience, but that was my experience that led me to the realization & development of the 7 elements to a 1-page standard operating procedure.

No one “enjoys” to do these, I know. Some apps can automate the creation of these. But if you don’t have these 7 elements, you will be faced with
• Redundant questions
• Missed expectations
• Frustration because the other can’t read your mind…

As you review your oKPI habits and have assigned an owner to each habit, solidify HOW to execute each habit in your own unique signature way by using this simple framework:

7 Elements of a 1 Page S.O.P.

  1. Purpose (what are we accomplishing)
  2. Owner (who is the owner & who else is involved)
  3. Visual Diagram (flowchart)
  4. Video Overview (record how to execute)
  5. Step-By-Step Checklist (transcribe the video with AI and have it turned into a step-by-step checklist)
  6. Clear Expectations (timelines, outcomes)
  7. Resources (logins, tools, other SOPs)

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