Simplifying Your Business (& Stress): Transforming “Activity” Into Habits

Once you have identified your oKPIs (see yesterday’s conversation), we want to associate those metrics with the behaviors and actions that drive their performance.

I can’t guarantee your company’s future performance, but I can guarantee this:

» If we look at identical companies in the same industry with the same products or services, the difference in their performance will boil down to their habits and how they execute them.

Your habits influence your results.

So go down the list of your oKPIs and associate the
• Daily
• Weekly
• Monthly…

…habits that drive them.

Keep in mind that 1 oKPI can derive many habits.

For example:

If driving leads to your business is a core metric that determines an important outcome, you may have multiple habits you take to drive leads.

Real example:

My core growth habits are 2 fold:
1 – Writing
2- Networking

Writing takes my thinking to the market in the form of this email, social posts, and podcast episodes (which can be syndicated as more social posts).

Plus I take my writing and turn it into strategies that I then implement with clients, get results and that is a new source of MORE writing.

My networking habit is pretty simple, if I want to create X amount of opportunities then I need to have Y amount of conversations.

Now those are my habits for 1 oKPI, what are yours?

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