How to Align Your Personal Values in Business & the Evolution of Professional Development with Hansen Hunt

Raul talks with Hansen Hunt who has 15+ years of experience managing marketing programs across multiple verticals in both B2B and B2C organizations. He specializes in using HubSpot to deliver the customer-centric flywheel strategy and creative storytelling to help mission-driven startups scale.


He recently began sharing his personal growth story about realigning his life around his core values on his Daily Human Excellence blog on Medium. In 2020, Hansen founded Certified Mastery, an early stage EdTech startup with a mission to help people level up in their career and have an equal shot at their dream jobs based on peer-reviewed evidence of mastery instead of pedigree.


His super power is connecting people and ideas. Enjoy this interview!



  • Figuring out what was important for him – 4:08
  • Having creativity to create stories – 5:47
  • Creating a new experience – 12:30
  • An opportunity to start his own company – 13:40
  • Teaching something new and learning – 16:24
  • The Master Certification Program – 17:35
  • Creating your content strategy – 19:33
  • An important piece of that program – 20:13
  • Not being afraid to try something new – 24:36
  • Failures are learning moments – 27:38


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