How to Avoid the Most Expensive Mistake in Your Startup with Jason Ring

Jason is a highly passionate and ultra-driven sales leader with 12+ years experience of working within industry-leading, multinational and market-disrupting start-ups across both Cyber Security and Fintech across the world 


He’s currently based out of Cork, Ireland and is married and blessed with two wonderful children.


He’s on a mission to support the Global Start-Up Ecosystem including VCs, law firms, start-ups, investors, founders and employees so they can efficiently manage their equity and company ownership.



  • The success stories in 2020 – 2:53
  • Being obsessed with your marketplace – 5:48
  • Focusing on trends – 9:04
  • Having a vision for the company – 11:08
  • Think on the future – 12:48
  • What investors are looking for – 14:16
  • Making your company more valuable – 15:40
  • The more prepared you are, the more you can negotiate – 19:18
  • Understand who you want to compete with – 24:10
  • Understand the challenge you want to solve – 25:41


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