How to Design & Create Value Using Leverage & Viewing Your Company From Different Perspectives with Suraj Venkat

Raul talks with Suraj Venkat about how to design and create value using leverage and viewing your company from different perspectives. Suraj is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Aten Ventures: which is a venture builder and ecosystem for startups and founders in B2B SaaS and AI space.


Suraj is currently leading three ventures that are just about to drop –, a marketplace for enterprise and deep tech, Autocontento a chrome extension for content creation, and a product suite for venture capitalists.

 Aten Ventures was founded on the belief that remote entrepreneurship can unlock massive value creation. They are on a mission to enable the growth of 100 next-generation products with their help!

Enjoy this episode!


  • Building a system around the people – 1:59
  • Benchmarks that are arbitrary – 5:27
  • The different levels of the artificial intelligence space – 7:24
  • It is important to understand who the buyer is – 9:47
  • Talking about startups – 13:03
  • Three different levels of artificial intelligence and why we are in level two – 13:49
  • What kind of technology you’re leveraging – 16:42
  • Thinking outside the box – 21:40
  • His first experience as an entrepreneur – 22:55


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