How to Exit Your Business, Your Way In 3 years Or Less with Damon Pistulka

Damon grew up understanding the value of hard work on a large Midwestern family farm.    


Damon graduated college with a mechanical engineering degree, and in his twenties earned the opportunity to design, build, and operate a plastics injection molding facility in the Southeastern of the USA.


Damon subsequently managed businesses in retail store fixtures, custom fabricated metal products, advanced aerospace components, high tech devices, and eCommerce.


Damon’s passion and drive for helping people do great things and companies crushing their competitors provides an unwavering focus for Exit Your Way and our client companies.



  • Business and sales – 2:33
  • Making a profit with your business – 4:54
  • No idea of who your customers are – 6:55
  • What you do as a CEO – 12:08
  • Focusing on profits – 14:06
  • Who should we be selling to? – 14:49
  • Getting things in place – 28:08
  • Fall in love with the journey – 29:10
  • Think on what we need – 32:02
  • Trying to get to the goal – 35:00


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