How to Lead a Conscious Company for Impact & Profit with Dan Golden

Raul talks with Dan Golden about how to lead a conscious company learning new ideas, and how to create impact and profit.


Dan is a search geek at heart and still spends time auditing accounts, testing new tactics, diving into analytics, and making strategic recommendations for his clients. 


Dan has spent time on the client side with large agencies and had a brief stint at Google before launching BFO. 


Dan Golden is a veteran digital marketing executive, entrepreneur and business innovator. He is the President and co-founder of the Chicago based digital agency, BFO, and has been awarded as Ad Age’s #1 Best Place to Work and a 6-time Inc. 5,000 honoree as well as recognition for client work from the US Search Awards, Landy Awards, and the US Drum Search Awards.


Be sure to listen to this episode and enjoy!



  • Dan’s purpose in the world – 2:30
  • Wanting to do things the right way – 3:20
  • How Dan defines impact – 6:29
  • What do people care about? – 7:59
  • Having focus and intention – 10:25
  • Giving credit to your team – 12:32
  • Creating a culture in a team – 13:37
  • The future of search – 16:08
  • The future of search are answers and actions – 18:19
  • What our businesses can do today – 20:37


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