How to Leverage Transformational Storytelling in Your Business with Dr. Karen Dietz

Raul talks with Dr. Karen Dietz about how to leverage transformational storytelling in your business. Karen is focused on helping leaders in all industries to inspire others and get work done, build strong culture, and generate high performing teams. She’s the world’s #1 curator on business storytelling, having reviewed 2,300+ evergreen articles, with 17,500+ followers, 119,200+ visitors, and 56,900+ shares/comments.



  • Storytelling takes a long time – 2:28
  • There’s more than one way to tell a story – 3:29
  • About storytelling – 6:13
  • Using storytelling to transmit an experience – 8:31
  • How to set up a story – 12:50
  • The best way to connect with people – 18:59
  • Less storytelling and more storylistening – 30:19
  • What’s storylistening? – 34:05
  • Ask reflective questions first – 36:35
  • The power of purpose – 41:51
  • Which story to tell at the right time – 42:38
  • Using storytelling for innovation – 45:52
  • One of the most powerful ways to grow a company – 47:16


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