How to Reframe & Take Complete Ownership of Your Goals with Paul Claxton

Raul talks with Paul Claxton, who is an awarded business leader, global entrepreneur, and previous active duty highly-decorated U.S. Marine with 11 years on active duty and completed 4 total tours in Iraq. 


He has developed opportunities and worked with clients across the globe in the Middle East, Mexico, Europe, USA, China, and Africa, and this has led to producing well over 100 mm of legitimate opportunities over the course of his career as an entrepreneur.


He is focused on using his 20 years of extensive operational leadership experience in building and sustaining all operational areas of a business. Recently, he has started and led 2 different bootstrapped companies and taken them from conception with zero revenue to over 200k annum revenue in less than 90 days.


  • Having experience in the leadership world – 2:12
  • His professional career – 5:14
  • The transition process – 6:13
  • Everything has an ultimate prize – 8:05
  • Having “revelations” – 13:03
  • Our lives are so automated – 13:55
  • What is the right thing to do – 15:22
  • Do not just focus on making money – 16:38
  • You have to take action – 18:54
  • Addressing challenges as much as possible – 24:06
  • What he learned when he was a project manager – 28:28


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