How to Use a Splinter Offer to Differentiate

Whenever I search for service providers on Linkedin, I see the same thing being said by everyone (esp in marketing)

• “we’re a one stop digital marketing solution shop”
• “we’ll take care of all your ads needs”
• “insert vanilla ice cream here”

(seriously, for people who “love” vanilla, have you ever heard of Rocky Road?)

Anyways, everyone sounds the same.

So how do you differentiate?

Create a splitner offer.

Draw from your memory bank and identify:

1 – what was the biggest win you got for your best clients?
2 – how’d you get that win?
3 – is that a standalone intro service you can offer?

From there you have the beginnings of a splinter offer you can offer to give new clients a taste of what it looks like to work with you.

Bonus Pro Tip:

Leverage that differentiator as your unique mechanism.

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