What It Takes To Build An 8+ Figure Business & Dominate Your Industry with Aaron Parkinson

Raul interviews Aaron Parkinson, CEO of 7 Mile Media. Aaron shares valuable insights into business growth and sustainability in this podcast interview. He explains that businesses need to diversify and plan long-term for survival, differentiating between short-term ‘offers’ and long-lasting ‘businesses’. He suggests adopting a holistic marketing approach and supporting rapid growth with a sturdy infrastructure, especially for eight-figure businesses. 

Who’s The Guest? Aaron Parkinson is a digital marketing pioneer. He currently serves as the CEO of 7 Mile Media, a full service agency for education based businesses. Aaron has over 20 years of experience and has helped generate over a billion in online sales. He currently sits on the Traffic And Conversions Agency Advisor Committee, is a faculty member of Digital Marketer, and hosts the Podcast: Sales Velocity.

Episode Highlights

  • How Aaron helps his clients dominate their industry and how he continually evolves his practices to achieve this goal
  • The wide variety of clients they have at present and how his team applies their skills to help clients find their target audience
  • Their process of onboarding a new client and how they manage expectations for long-term growth
  • The need for clients to reinvest their profits into the business for the first 12 to 16 months in order to yield exponential returns later on
  • Benefits of partnering with a fractional CFO and how this leads to a better understanding of their clients’ finances
  • Advantages of having a holistic approach in dealing with clients
  • Importance of building relationships at scale rather than focusing only on product revenue
  • The difficulties of pricing their services to match their values while considering the financial capability of their clients

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