Leveraging the Human & AI Element Into Your Talent Strategy with Radina Nedyalkova

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Radina is a remote talent advisor, virtual lecturer, and LinkedIn coach. After 10 years in the corporate world, working in executive search and in the global recruitment teams of LinkedIn and Airbnb, she set up her remote consultancy in 2019 and is now partnering with international startups in setting up their talent strategy, as well as training the hiring teams and supporting the human capital function. Radina is also an individual advisor for talented managers and business owners who want to establish their LinkedIn presence.


On a mission to repair the bridge between the organizations and the talent through creating and nurturing the right human-oriented practices.


  • Three things you can do with leverage – 2:01
  • What we can do as leaders right now – 5:41
  • Two core aspects of leaders – 6:48
  • Growing a team – 7:42
  • What’s the company actually exhibiting – 9:32
  • Find the right partner – 16:43
  • Being a fan of thinking outside the box – 18:50


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