Phillipe Soares’ Story of Growing an Educational Startup & Global Community

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Philippe is a former systems analyst who abandoned his career in technology and instead he chose education as his mission in life to see the real impact of his work. He started his first steps by helping his classmates still in high school. As he entered USP, he decided to give back a little of what he would receive during graduation and became a volunteer teacher at EDUCAFRO and at the Escola da Família project of the São Paulo City Hall.


All this gave him the basis to build a business of social impact that is Ih, Aprendi!



  • His background and story – 2:14
  • When he started teaching – 3:47
  • Helping people to speak English – 5:16
  • Why he decided to focus online – 9:18
  • Teaching more than just English – 10:12
  • You need a purpose before starting to learn something – 11:52
  • It’s not easy to learn something – 18:03
  • Some key learning points that he had to go through – 18:52
  • Having people help his business – 21:54
  • You need to listen to your community and find what they want – 22:23


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