Profit Lever #3: The Secret to Upsells: Closing The Loop on New Problems

People buy from you to solve a problem.

But what do you do once that problem is solved?

If you do nothing and are ok with that, skip this.

But if you want to continue to support clients in a unique way that helps them go further, read on.

When a new problem arises in a client relationship it will
• Be solved by you
• Be solved by someone else
• Be left unresolved

Since options 2 & 3 are unacceptable to you here are some considerations when looking at upsells/upgrades (and improving your conversion rates).

Upsell opportunities happen throughout the lifecycle of a client:

• Marketing: front end sales
• Onboarding
• During fulfillment
• Offboarding

The key for you is to identify when a client has their needs met and introduce a new solution for their new unmet need.

But here’s the kicker:

Sometimes you don’t have to do the work to solve a problem and identify a new one.

Simply by buying from you, a client closes the loop in their mind and then goes one step ahead to see what else needs solving.

Disclaimer: ***I am not saying don’t do the work.

Do the work AND also know the fact that a client’s problem can be psychologically solved by them taking action to solve it by buying from you

Case Study:

One of my clients sells “freedom” to people living with type 1 diabetes: strategies to improve quality of life. Really important work.

He’s built a community for his people and is working to get more into his community by offering a front-end offer of a book.

Front end offer: a book to learn the strategies to increase quality of life and thrive.

Upsell #1: a workbook to accelerate the learning of the strategies in the book and apply them faster. A faster way to get to the end goal his clients want.

Upsell #2: a community to have accountability and real-time support as they implement the strategies.


Upsells and upgrades must be in alignment with your ideal client’s end goal and help them go further to reach that end goal.

Upsells that are random or even “useful” but not helpful to help people progress linearly to an end outcome will flop.

What upsells/upgrades can you tie together to support your clients go further?

Let me know.

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