Saving The Planet Through Waste with Samuele Barrili

Raul talks with Samuele Barrili, founder of M4W (Marketing for Waste), an agency focused on sustainability and recycling by providing solutions for waste management problems. Samuel discusses his background in toxicological chemistry and waste treatment, and how this influenced his career trajectory and mission to “save the planet.” The podcast discusses how there is too much focus on the issue of waste and not enough focus on solutions. 

Who’s The Guest?
Samuele Barrili is a Waste Management Expert and Business Strategist. Born in Cagliari, Italy, Samuele began his career as a salesman in 2010. After earning a degree in Toxicological Chemistry, he combined his knowledge to define his mission: Save the planet by helping 6,000 waste management companies to continue to thrive. After nine years in the field, working as a sales and marketing manager for international firms in waste management, Samuele created M4W Marketing For Waste, the first growth agency focused on helping waste management companies.

Episode Highlights

  • Samuel talks about educating people on the value of waste and reducing consumerism
  • The link between waste management companies and a greener planet
  • Samuel’s journey from sales to toxicological chemistry and leading a company
  • How waste companies are educated on generating revenue
  • The fascinating possibilities in the industry, utilizing chemistry to transform waste materials into useful products
  • The impact of AI in the growth of their business and the diffusion of their message

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