The 4-Step Process for Creating Change in Your Organization with Randy Hall

In this podcast, Randy Hall, CEO of 4th Gear Consulting, shares his change management process and opinions on leadership. He emphasizes four key steps for successful change management, including insight, involvement, practice and feedback. He stresses more on people taking efforts and trying out new behaviors, learning from mistakes, and improving continually through feedback.

Who’s The Guest? Randy Hall is the founder and CEO of 4th Gear Consulting. He has worked with organizations of all sizes to help them effectively execute change, develop leaders, engage employees, and reach more of their potential. Randy has directly coached CEOs, senior leaders, and professionals in ways that cause them to shift their perspective, consider new approaches, accomplish their most important goals, and ultimately become more effective at leading themselves, other people, and their businesses.

Episode Highlights

  • The neuroscience of human behavior changes
  • Introduction of a four-step change process starting with ‘insight’ where employees contribute their ideas to the change process
  • The need for a commitment and creating a plan to execute the intended change or goal
  • Emphasizing the importance of the third step: ‘practice’
  • The risks of rushing change and the need to allow employees time to adjust and adapt to new methods of working
  • The progression of change highlighted by effort, progress, consistency, and results
  • Role of a leader in creating a flexible and self-managing ecosystem within the team or organization Episode Resources
  • Connect with Raul Hernandez Ochoa
  • Connect with Randy Hall

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