The Action, Traction & Attraction Framework to Solve Problems with Del Lewis

Del became incredibly passionate about financial freedom, the power of our brains, the power of our body, and he absorbed all he could on the most effective ways to create time, freedom, wealth, and total health.


That focus has led him on a journey that has been absolutely incredible: owning restaurants, owning and operating commercial cargo ships, success in commercial and investment banking, equity investing, consulting, owning health and nutrition businesses, bodybuilding, facilitation, consulting, and finance.


His biggest realization along this journey is that awesomeness is not unique to him. In fact, he now knows that “the incredible” is possible for each and everyone of us! And it all happened when he stopped running from his fears, walked toward his truth, and relaxed.



  • Del’s background – 1:52
  • Being afraid of going to college – 2:46
  • Looking at ideas and identifying key actions – 5:27
  • Think on a specific “why” – 7:32
  • Action leads attraction – 9:20
  • Attraction is the end game – 11:58
  • An inspired action – 13:16
  • Not taking action – 16:13
  • Visualize what you want – 19:31


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