The Art and Science of Digital Marketing: From Scaling Ads to Building IP with Jason Hornung

Raul welcomes Jason, the founder and creative director of JH Media LLC, which is known for producing over $20 million of profitable sales for clients annually through proprietary methods of ad creation, audience selection, and scaling. 

The conversation begins with a friendly catch-up and quickly moves into a deep dive into the nuances of creating, maintaining, and scaling profitable offers. Jason emphasizes the importance of understanding the entire process behind making an offer work, rather than frequently changing offers based on little data—a common mistake in the industry. He discusses the problem of marketers overvaluing their contribution to the process without acknowledging the other critical components.

Who’s The Guest? Jason Hornung is the founder and Creative Director at JH Media LLC. His proprietary methods for ad creation, audience selection, and scaling are responsible for producing $20 million + of profitable sales for his clients EVERY YEAR. He is known as the “guru to the gurus” because he’s the mastermind behind hugely profitable campaigns for marketing legends such as Mike Dillard, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Neil Patel, Grace Lever, Sam Ovens, and more!

Episode Highlights

  • The significance of learning and evolving in the advertising industry.
  • The challenges of consistently updating and reviving offers in the market and Jason elaborates on the common mistake of changing offers too frequently based on insufficient data.
  • The importance of understanding the entire process of making an offer work, and how many people don’t comprehend the different components that contribute to successfully executing a business model.
  • The necessity of spending a sufficient amount to test an offer while also making intelligent decisions based on the actual performance data gathered through testing.
  • The creation of intellectual property (IP) from agency work and Jason shares his insights on the importance of developing real expertise before positioning oneself as a guru or thought leader.
  • Tracking and data accuracy issues.

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