The Business of Intentional Writing with Rebecca Weber, Journalist & Writing Coach

In this podcast episode, freelance journalist and writing coach Rebecca Weber discusses the importance of recognizing personal biases and understanding audience needs while crafting stories. She highlights that a successful freelance career involves pitching ideas to publications while catering to their target audience. Rebecca believes that constant curiosity and unique ideas can help writers stay ahead of AI-generated content.

Who’s The Guest? Rebecca L. Weber is a freelance journalist, writing coach, and host of The Writing Coach Podcast. She has covered social justice, the environment, the arts, travel, and more for CNN, USA Today, the New York Times, Dwell, and many other publications. Her clients have broken into the New York Times, the Guardian, Bustle, National Geographic, the Washington Post, Fodor’s, and Al Jazeera. Rebecca currently lives near a penguin colony in Cape Town, South Africa.

Episode Highlights

  • The difference between writing and journalism and how journalism aims to inform in an unbiased way
  • Rebecca shares her journey from working in education to becoming a freelance writer, focusing on adapting her writing for different audiences
  • The flexibility of freelance writing, allowing writers to choose topics and clients, and the challenges that staffers may face when pivoting to freelancing
  • Generating unique and original ideas in the age of AI, emphasizing the importance of creating content specifically for target audiences
  • How art is an expression for oneself, while design (or writing) is tailored for a purpose and specific audience
  • The importance of distribution in freelance writing and how writers can build their audience and sell their ideas to major publications
  • Crafting good ideas to resonate with the audience and the advantages of having a strong online presence
  • Exploring creativity through generating multiple ideas from a single topic and maintaining the uniqueness of the content
  • The role of human intellect in creating net new ideas and experiences, which AI may not be able to compete with
  • Personal inspiration and motivation for generating ideas come from interest areas, such as social justice and art, and maintaining curiosity Episode Resources
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