The Common Mistakes Service Founders Make When Crafting Proposals

Proposals aren’t about you

When I review proposals for clients, I see decks (or worse text docs) talking about “who we are” and “why you need our services”… which is fine to an extent but isn’t adding any value to your prospective client

They care only about 2 things:

“My problem and how you’re going to solve it.”

Instead, tie back what you heard during the discovery call
• pains
• frustrations
• situations that are ‘not ok’ (call ’em out)

to their overall goal.

Then, measure the distance between their “not ok” state and their goals.

If you do this correctly, you can guide them to see how the work you do and the scope of it is not just necessary, but crucial, in order to help them reach their goals.

This is where the proposed solution comes into play, demonstrating its value and importance in addressing their problems and moving them closer to their desired state.

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