The Ride of A Lifetime: Decoding the Secrets to Success with Sherry Shannon-Vanstone: From Cryptologic Mathematician with the US GOV, to Serial Entrepreneur with 2 IPOs & 2 Acquisitions, Fast Forward Today To Transforming Education and Social Impact

Sherry Shannon-Vanstone, Profound Impact Corporation’s CEO, underscores the effective use of data in this podcast. Sherry insists that organizations can optimize data use by understanding their goals and leveraging AI tools for automating processes related to data analysis. This strategy can also support researchers in finding relevant funding opportunities. Sherry advocates for a strategic approach where AI tools and humans work together to unlock the potential of data, leading to efficient problem-solving. She also emphasizes the importance of metric gathering, transparency, and diverse teamwork.

Who’s The Guest? Sherry Shannon-Vanstone is a purpose-driven, successful, serial tech entrepreneur who is known for building high-performing teams. As a trailblazing woman in information security and STEM, she’s a strategic risk-taker who led start-ups to successful exits in Silicon Valley and Toronto-Waterloo Tech corridor with two IPOs and two acquisitions.


Episode Highlights

  • Sherry’s mission to help educational, research and social impact organizations automate their processes
  • Establishing Profound Impact to measure and inspire impact
  • The different “whys” in Sherry’s career pathway transitions
  • Constructing team culture with respect and diversity of thought
  • Respect for data privacy and transparency in data usage
  • How entrepreneurs or businesses can turn data into key insights
  • The positive effects of using AI as a tool to solve significant, complex world problems


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