Unfair Mindshare: Leveraging Community Led Marketing to Grow with Derek Weeks

Raul interviews B2B software marketer Derek Weeks as he shares his belief in human-centric marketing, which he discusses in his book “Unfair Mindshare”. He emphasizes the importance of providing value through community-led initiatives and attaining an unfair advantage in crowded markets. He counters the traditional viewpoint of CEOs that marketing should drive sales, instead advocating for building trust and community. As an example, he shares how his DevOps community offered free resources, generating engagement, valuable leads, and significant revenue in the long run. Derek also referenced a successful B2C community model that could work in B2B settings. He argues for a balance between being helpful and pitching a product and stresses the importance of authenticity and trust in fostering customer loyalty. 

Who’s The Guest? Derek Weeks, the founder and CMO of Unfair Mindshare, is an award-winning B2B software marketer. He is a four-time CMO and VP Marketing with over 30 years of experience in both Fortune 100 tech companies and venture-backed start-ups. Derek is also the Amazon bestselling author of Unfair Mindshare: A CMO’s guide to community-led marketing in a product-led world. Derek joins us from Bethesda, Maryland where you can find him rooting for the Ravens, smoking meat, or driving his kids to football and ballet practice.


Episode Highlights

  • The premise of Derek’s book, which promotes the idea of running more marketing teams, integrating them with demand gen and brand programs
  • The benefits of building a community including gaining extensive knowledge about the market and the behaviors and personas of people
  • An example of how to integrate community led marketing with brand and demand gen activities
  • The importance of running authentic Community Led Marketing (CLM)
  • The balance between automated, machinery-driven marketing and human-driven marketing.
  • The benefits and the reach of larger communities
  • How it’s not about not pitching at all but about making sure your interactions with the target market are authentic and helpful for a majority of the time before you make a sales pitch

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