Handling Challenging Situations with Grace: Stress Management Techniques for Leaders with Pete Alexander

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Professor Peter Alexander is a results-based stress management expert who empowers leaders to protect their health and handle challenging situations with grace and success. During his career, he has had the privilege to work in a variety of sales and marketing roles. Each role had one thing in common: high stress. High stress to the point that he was diagnosed with stress-related diabetes and also ended up in the hospital with a severe case of diabetic ketoacidosis, a few hours away from being comatose. He was physically, mentally and emotionally burned out and it hit like a brick wall.


It was also a reality check for him. When you don’t have your health, not much else matters. He knew it was time for him to walk away even though he had a great job, secure income, and good benefits. Interestingly, his coworkers and peers were very supportive and the majority of them told him they admired his decision to put his health first before his career because they were contemplating the same thing. He realized then that it wasn’t just him, and now he has dedicated his professional career to helping other sales and marketing professionals avoid his  mistakes and immensely benefit from the wonderful tools and techniques he has learned and experienced first hand.



  • External factors that produce stress – 2:06
  • His story with stress – 2:29
  • Having diabetes because of stress – 3:45
  • Without your health, nothing else matters – 5:52
  • It is impossible for us to be perfect in everything – 8:40
  • Supporting other leaders – 11:20
  • His book as an Amazon Bestseller – 12:58
  • The “Good Stress” – 16:06
  • What’s the negative stress? – 15:34
  • Having digestive problems – 17:23
  • Think on what your body is telling you – 19:44
  • What to do for you to relax – 22:52
  • You need to set work boundaries – 34:21
  • Do not have your phone in your bedroom – 34:54
  • We need to detox from technology – 35:49
  • Exercising is really important – 39:01


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